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501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

Satgaud Energy


In developing this concept of a new type of next-generation electric vehicle, it requires a much different shape than today’s automobiles, what I discovered was that this new shape instead of absorbing the full impact of auto crashes; it will actually deflect the powerful energy forces away from the vehicle. With an aviation-inspired seat belt restraint, the driver and passengers could walk away – unhurt.

I had formed a non-profit corporation to obtain funding for my concepts. I went globally to most of the car manufacturers asking them to donate to my non-profit. I discussed with them my concept to make our cars of the future crash resistant to prevent injuries and death. Not one manufacturer was interested in saving lives. I then proceeded to contact every major property/casualty insurance company in the United States. Again, not one insurance company was interested or willing to donate a small amount to my project. Very disappointing that saving lives was not a priority. Shameful!! 

Another source of energy is the use of magnetics. I believe we will see many new inventions involving magnetics. I believe there will be a day in the future where automobiles and homes will be powered by magnetics. Some of you might think that using magnetics is a radical idea. You are correct but it will save the cities from perishing due to the coming Ice Age. The magnetic engine will be life safer. Our electric grid infrastructure is old, and it will break down. The magnetic engine can be used to heat and cool our homes and businesses. This power source is – forever!! 


The technology that I discovered to power our vehicles can also be used to power electric passenger trains. Here’s the catch, it doesn’t require a train to roll down the tracks being powered by way of electrical lines – it will self-generate its own electrical power. So instead of buying the pipeline that will create temporary construction jobs why not build a high-speed monorail instead. It gets even better. We can have electric passenger trains that can traverse the entire nation without building a major monorail infrastructure. We keep our current train tracks and run low-speed electric trains – without consuming a dime in fuel charges. It will revolutionize our transportation industry. This new electric train can feed into a new national monorail system. 

Here is another industry that can be revitalized. One that will be fun for aviation sport pilots to fly. This technology can make flying safer and much less expensive. Small electric aircraft can be flown, with a small internal combustion engine for takeoff. It also will generate its own electric power. It will be low maintenance and the new airplane cost would be comparable to purchasing an automobile. We can revitalize the general aviation industry.

 We have formed a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas to conduct scientific research where we are currently soliciting charitable contributions to enable further development of prototypes. Your generous contribution in any amount can make this a reality that will benefit all of humanity.  



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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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